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Capex Finance Team, Birmingham

Friday 14th August 2015

Capex Finance feature in Broker World magazine

Check out our article featured in Broker World magazine, sponsored by Close Brothers Business Finance.

Capex Finance – Birmingham’s all-rounders

It was 1999, when Capex Finance was born. Warren Badger, Julian Percival & Alan Hunt are the three owners of the business. So this is a Broker, who has really been through the ups and downs of the Asset Finance broker world, and has seen multiple changes in that time. Alan Hunt recalls ‘When we started, we had few lenders, and few customers. It was let’s say, a calculated risk. But slowly and surely, we got ourselves in front of more customers & dealers, and business started to come in.’

Capex set its stall out to be a generic Asset Finance broker, funding all types of assets, from Hard to Soft and being particularly active in Asset Refinance. Alan said ‘through our background at NWS Bank, we were all comfortable with writing any type of deal. Small or large. Regardless of asset type or industry sector. We continued in the same vain with Capex. Indeed, we still try to write every single deal we possibly can’.

Being a more general finance provider, hasn’t stopped Capex grow its customer base year-on-year, from its offices in Central Birmingham. Alan ‘ interestingly, despite the economic issues of 2007/2008 when funders were exiting the market at an alarming rate, being a non specialist organisation, meant business levels didn’t suffer. Quite the opposite. We continued to write good volumes of business, and we were convinced that it was down to us having different types of customer and introducer, from different industry sectors’.

Capex has in particular, always enjoyed a very good relationship with Close Brothers. Alan ‘Brian Dhenin actually interviewed Warren for his first position in the industry many moons ago! Brian was also very supportive when we decided to strike out alone. Year-on-year, Close Brothers have been one of our most important funders, and continue to do so, to this day. Indeed the access to the RGF grant, via Close Brothers, has opened more doors for us in the area of manufacturing, a traditionally strong area for Capex’.

Today Capex brokers circa £26m pa, with only one full time administrator Becky Masterson, and no sales staff. And with a modest but growing Own Book of business, Alan see’s a bright future ahead. ‘Becky does a great job (keeping us in check), and we are constantly upgrading our IT systems, to make us as efficient as possible. This gives us the necessary time to write the levels of business we target ourselves on. Basically, we try to make the job as simple possible for funder and Capex alike. The three of us are fully hands-on, and after all this time, we still love winning and writing new businesses.’



Julian Percival - Director

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