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Friday 19th June 2015

Customers old & new using Capex for Asset Finance when investing

How are typical Capex Finance Customers performing in 2015?

So we’re half way through the year again. We’ve even seen some sunshine. Andy Murray could win at Wimbledon? England might win the Ashes back? West Brom may win the Premier League? Okay, we may be getting ahead of ourselves just a little! In all seriousness, with interest rates still at an all time low, confidence across most industry sectors remains high. The feedback we get is generally positive. Customers with full order books are therefore investing in new machinery, changing vehicles, updating their offices and IT systems etc. We have many customers, old and new, who are now using us for Asset Finance after, in some cases, years of holding off on new investment.

Cash Flow Issues?

Even though confidence remains high, the age old adage of cash-flow ‘issues’ are still with many businesses. And it doesn’t help that our Banks still don’t appear to be overly helpful in understanding and reassuring businesses that they will be there to assist if needed. So as an alternative why not look at any existing assets / finance agreements and raise money against those assets or consolidate those existing loans? We have a strong track record in solving cash-flow issues, and will gladly look at any such proposal that encompasses refinance or debt consolidation or both.

Low Rate Vehicle Finance

We do have some excellent funder relationships, that enable us to offer ‘low rate’ vehicle finance on cars, vans, trucks etc. The ‘dealer’ will always offer their own in-house finance deal, but we are confident that in most cases we can and will better that deal. We also have some excellent dealer / manufacturer relationships which allow us to offer vehicles with, in some cases, large discounts, which reflect in a lower monthly repayment on your finance agreement. Why not ask us for a quotation the next time you need a finance quote on a vehicle?

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Julian Percival - Director

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