Customer Benefits

The benefits of being a Capex Finance customer are huge. We offer a wide financial resource for your business. Over the years we have helped thousands of companies secure funding of all types of assets for their business. We are there when you need us most, regardless of your requirements or possible problems. We understand that we have to be helpful, competitive and flexible.

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How we can help Customers

    We listen to what your business needs and provide a solution which is cost effective and beneficial to help your business grow
    We can help and assist where other lenders aren’t able to, bringing offers of finance that you may not be able to find yourself.
    We  can react quickly and effectively to enquiries of all sizes enabling you to get a quick decision and get on with running your business rather than getting tied down with financial red tape.

Being a customer of Capex Finance is more about forming a long term business relationship than anything else. We want to be your partner when it comes to raising finance for your business. As Directors we have run our own business since 1999 so we know what you need to be able to run your business successfully. We have a straight talking, no nonsense approach to all aspects of commercial finance. We are totally committed to finding you the right solution at the right price.

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  • Products We can offer the full choice of financial products for you and your business, including Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Lease Rental, Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase, Re-finance, Debt Consolidation, Commercial Loan, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Crowd Funding, Commercial Mortgage, Bridging and Development Finance and Invoice Finance.
  • Advantages of using Asset Finance How many do you need?....Quick, Easy to arrange, better for budgeting, Preserves bank facility, Matches term to asset life, Preserves cash reserves, Tax efficient, Builds credit rating, Cost effective, Upgrade assets more frequently, Funding certainty, Able to buy a standard of equipment that you might not have been able to afford otherwise......
  • What We Finance Take a deep breath....Cars, Motorbikes, Motorhomes, Vans, Trucks, Trailers, Fork Lift Trucks, Machine Tools, Woodworking Equipment, Plastic Injection Machinery,Construction Equipment, Coaches, Buses, Cranes and Lifting Equipment, General Plant, Manufacturing Equipment, IT, Software, Office Furniture, CCTV, EPOS, Photocopiers, Scanners, Telephone Systems, Racking, Scaffolding, Shop Fittings, Catering Equipment...
  • How it Works/Process We can provide quotes, offers and other funding options without any obligation or cost. We may actually be able to help you source the vehicle or equipment you are looking to buy at a much cheaper price than you can find it yourself. The process starts with you giving us a call on 0121 262 6520 to discuss your requirements.
  • Finance Guide It can be a minefield, but it's really quite simple when you break it with most financial transactions you are better off when you talk to an expert who can help you make the right decision about the product you require. Capex offer the widest range of products available to you so are well placed to make sure you are advised correctly.
  • Case Studies/Testimonials We welcome regular feedback from our customers - we have recent Case Studies and Testimonials on this site from many different customers to illustrate the work we do and help we can provide.
  • Aftersales/Support When you are customer of ours we want to look after you, and not only while we are dealing with you, but after your agreement has gone live and even after you have finished paying for it. In fact we want to look after you for life.
  • Customer Login Benefits We are in the process of developing a customer only site which will give you secure access to recent quotes and previous agreements. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting development.....
  • Vehicle Offers We finance thousands of vehicles every year. We know the market inside out. We have Fleet Terms with most of the major vehicle manufacturers in the UK so get access to some fantastic offers on the latest cars and vans.

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Here's a quick snippet of some of our most popular services.....

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Asset Finance

If your business is looking to invest in any form of tangible asset - from vehicles, plant & equipment through to IT and office equipment – then you may need an affordable, flexible and secure method of finance – and Asset Finance is the preferred method for this type of purchase.

Overall Asset Finance accounts for over a third of all business financing methods.

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Re Finance

Re-finance gives you access to cash which may be tied up in assets you already own. We are experts in this area and can quickly arrange a valuation of your assets and with no obligation or cost provide you with an indicative offer showing you exactly what we can raise and the costs involved. We won’t take an age to make a decision and funds can be released to you within 3 working days if required.

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Peer-to-Peer lending has been around for hundreds of years, but finally has now become more accessible and usable to businesses. It has become a genuine alternative to bank lending. It is cost effective, flexible and quick and easy to arrange. We are experts in arranging Peer-to-Peer loans so talk to us today to find out more.

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Your Asset Finance Questions Answered

What is Asset Finance and how does it work?

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Asset Finance enables companies to obtain funding for the purchase of assets they require to run and grow their business successfully, such as cars, commercial vehicles, plant and machinery, IT goods etc.

The customer can then spread the cost of the purchase over a period of 1 to 7 years, on one of several methods of finance agreement.

Your Funding Questions Answered

Where does Capex Finance get its funding from and what are the minimum and maximum transaction sizes Capex Finance get involved with?

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Capex Finance uses a wide and diverse array of funding sources both internally and externally to find the most suitable deal for the customer from traditional finance houses through to smaller niche lenders. Minimum transaction is £1000 to in excess of £5million.

Your Questions Answered

Why should I use Capex Finance?

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Great question! Capex Finance is a specialist in the field of Vehicle and Asset finance. We are therefore in a position to provide the most competitive and comprehensive solution to any type of funding requirement. We provide our customers with the best possible service, flexibility and range of products. We have been broking finance business since 1999 so have a wealth of experience in arranging credit for all types of companies.

Your Questions Answered

How do I get a more in depth look at the services Capex Finance Provides?

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We are happy to have an initial conversation with you over the phone or face to face – at our premises or yours. Simply pick up the phone to talk through your specific requirements.

Your Funding Questions Answered

Who are Capex Finance and what do you do?

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We are an independent, privately owned vehicle and equipment finance broker. We were originally established in 1999 to provide asset backed finance products to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are not a bank. We forge long term relationships with our customers and provide competitive, flexible finance products to help your business grow.

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